Welcome to my personal website! 

Here you can get information about my professional qualifications and request a translation of your documents or projects within any linguistic combination of English, Russian, Spanish and Catalan.

My name is Veronika Malysheva and I am bilingual in Russian and Spanish; I studied English and Russian philology in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I have a Master´s Degree in legal translation from English into Spanish.

I have experience translating technical documentation for professionals in the field of architecture, construction, real estate and legislation, as well as commercial and legal texts and business letters. You can find some examples of my projects on the page My Portfolio.


By creating this map I was trying to demonstrate the parts of the world which are “available” for me due to the solid language bridges that I can establish having three powerful instruments – English, Spanish and Russian (and also Catalan – for Catalonia). Apart from academic language knowledges, I am familiar with the traditions and customs of post-soviet, Anglo-Saxon and Spanish-speaking communities.

I use different graphics editing programs to maintain the same format of the original documents, if required. In addition, I make use of CAT (Computer-assisted translation) tools, as I received a professional training from the software creators of some of them, which provides a significant added value to my work. I guarantee the timeliness of translations delivery, complying 100% with the agreed deadlines. All the data that you send to me will be kept confidential.

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If you have any question you can contact me, and I will be happy to reply to your questions.


Thank you for your attention.